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Rialheim: An African Safari

Bring the great outdoors straight into your home with this fabulous decor collection from Rialheim. These pieces are inspired by our local fauna and will give you that ‘African Safari’ vibe in your interior.

Monkey Business

There is something special, quirky and a little goofy about bringing monkeys into your living space. They’re a great way to add cheer and a playful touch. The Evolution Man bookends by Rialheim are a great addition. Writers and readers of books have all been inspired by a #dreambelievefly mantra, and that’s why we believe all books are sacred and should be proudly showcased. The Rialheim Evolution Man Bookends inspired by “BeingandBecoming” is an iconic piece from Rialheim’s Evolution Collection.

Regal Rhinos

A rhino is a fierce and beloved creature – in nature and our interiors. It’s Africa’s most endangered and hunted mammals but these decor pots and regal rhinos from Rialheim are a safe and elegant African touch to your home.

Majestic Elephants

African Elephants are the largest and most mysterious animals on the planet. Their trunks that they communicate with are told to bring good fortune when faced upwards. Add an elegant African touch to your home or office with majestic elephant decor. Popular holders and planters from Rialheim speak to a sophisticated decorator that understands the difference between curio & design.

Nguni Cow Skulls

The large Cow Skull is one of Rialheim’s oldest and most loved products, since 2013, but it can certainly still stop you dead in your tracks when you see it on the wall above a fireplace or an entrance hall. Subsequently, it would be great to use in repetitions of 3 across the different colours. Furthermore, you could use as part of a curated wall feature that includes framed art, and other objects, to inspire heritage living.

Shop this and more African-inspired decor at Rialheim.

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