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Plascon House Tour: Summer in Greece

Beautiful. Simple. Streamlined. This is how we would describe this breathtaking summer home on the island Antiparos in Greece. It is perfect for a relaxed summer vacation.

This home goes by the name of Casa Nigri, and is nestled in the fertile valley of Kampos, surrounded by a rural environment of intense natural vegetation. The home’s layout successfully preserves the traditional rural architecture of the island, enhancing it with interconnected outdoor living spaces and lounge areas.

Beautiful inside and out, the simple interior styling is perfectly serene in a neutral palette with pops of darker shades and metallic finishes, such as this striking brass light pendant featured below.

The home boasts a variety of soft furnishings including rugs and plush bed linen that adds to the comfort level of the space. We love the crisp, streamlined look with white walls and concrete flooring. Furniture too is kept minimalist and the emphasis remains on relaxation and easy living.

The exterior of the house is a combination of whitewashed and locally sourced stone walls – striking yet simple. The stylish interior features wooden beams, custom-made furniture, vintage tiles and sinks, and marble accents throughout, making the old and new co-exist in this charming space.

The bedrooms are beautifully streamlined in a simple palette of white and shades of black and grey. Custom built-in storage forms a part of the interior wall space and simple industrial style light pendants are used as bedside lighting in this space.

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