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Plascon House Tour: Concrete Living

What is usually considered a harsh industrial material is now a celebrated resource in the world of interior design! Concrete continues to inspire, inside and outside the home, and is becoming a trending material that oozes unrefined style and contemporary living!

Today’s house tour is a celebration of everything we currently love about concrete. Textured, rough, earthy, raw and unrefined – concrete brings an urban edge to the modern living quarters of this contemporary home. This house is characterized by the four parallel exterior walls that open into an open plan living space, with floor-to-ceiling windows. The boundaries between the inside and outside seem to disappear, as concrete leads the way, from the floors and walls to the surroundings of this Swedish retreat. The living spaces feel beautifully cool and modern, thanks to the soft grey shades that infuse this entire home. Sheer grey drapes extend from floor to ceiling, adding height and dimension to this space, framing the beauty of the outdoors that peer inside from wide open doorways. The beautiful textures of the ceiling and walls add depth here and a rustic dining table enhances the overall character of this space. The bedroom is designed with the immaculate views of the hillside in mind. Stackable doors extend the inside outdoors and the true beauty of this space is how it is completely enveloped in the natural landscape. An outdoor deck area allows the owner to enjoy the fresh air, while black block out windows is perfect for the ultimate in privacy. Concrete tones extend into the bathroom with a modern tile that fills the shower. A golden shower fixture adds a touch of glam to this space and the entire space feels urban and stylish. Gorgeous inside and out, concrete and glass are the real winners here! Contact: Plascon Via

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