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OKHA collection of sculptural candlesticks

Introducing the OKHA collection of sculptural candlesticks, each with their own design narrative, and all serving as a testament to the design studio’s reputation for tailored contemporary design with meticulous attention to detail.

The ALTA, born from a transformative process, is the symbolic embodiments of the perpetual change inherent in both natural and human realms. Each piece is a testament to the dynamic forces at play, showcasing the beauty found in the unexpected and the organic. Intrigued by the dynamic and fluid aspects of existence, Creative Director Adam Court explores the use of sand casting to transform a bronze alloy, a  technique which  imparts a unique expressiveness to the ALTAs form, with the final incarnation of which is left to chance and nature. The result, a collection of candle holders that embody a distinctive character, shaped by the unpredictable interplay of elements during the casting process.

The STRATOS ONE  candlestick collections offer unique inspirations rooted in Mayan iconography and the ritual practices of paying homage and giving thanks for each new sunrise. Sharp and distinct angles, create a totem like structure that symbolizes and pays homage to the daily renewal of the spirit of light with each sunrise.

The STRATOS TWO is a curvaceous design visually inspired by the shape shifting and metamorphosis of cloud structures and their everchanging forms: the curvaceous design visually conveys this perpetual shapeshifting which one can relate to our own individual shifts and transformations.

The Stellar and Super Stellar candleholders evoke experiential and emotional responses that have a deep emotional resonance, associated with starlight, movement, combustion, and constellations.

Under Court’s creative leadership, OKHA pushes the boundaries of contemporary design, creating pieces that are not only aesthetically captivating but also conceptually profound. These accessories gracefully hold space with forms  that articulate silhouettes that are testament to its commitment to contemporary and collectible design.

Each piece, more than a decorative statement, a story in form, that adds a deeper narrative to any contemporary space.



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