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NostalgiaNique: true touch of Africa

Offering a unique selection of authentic African designs sourced from across the continent, NostalgiaNique allows clients the opportunity to add a true touch of Africa to their homes, injecting their interiors with culturally rich, colourful art and design.


From tribal art and antiques to jewellery and custom works by Zimbabwean sculptor Ben Tuge, NostalgiaNique stocks a wide range of unique items.

“As children of the African Sun NostalgiaNique has always held the spirit and artistry of Africa in its heart,” explains the team from NostalgiaNique.

“The history, diversity and our joyous response to adversity seems like an overflowing cup of love, laughter and joy. Our ability to hope, dream and overcome adversity, strife and turmoil is what makes us an unbelievably culturally rich people. At NostalgiaNique we embrace these differences by offering discerning customers an exquisite range of authentic antique and vintage African products for the home.”

“Our African-inspired store allows clients to decorate, create and showcase some of the finest African art, jewellery and furnishings that range from simple to luxurious. We strive to source the best quality and most unique pieces for clients to enhance their homes and lives and hopefully enrich their spirits.


“We are also proud that we launched the very unique NostalgiaNique experience through our unique African online store which showcases an amazing variety of artists, countries and styles. This includes creations by artists in dusty rural African villages who worked to create pieces from fallen branches, those on the side of a busy street and the city artist fighting the break-through battle – NostalgiaNique salutes and shares each artist’s passion for creating their works.”

Contact: NostalgiaNique.

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