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My Hares and Graces: Top Suggestions This Mother’s Day

‘M’ is for Mother ….May and Meerkats… And today as we celebrate the woman who gave us life, let’s remember to honour all she is with the ultimate gift guide from My Hares and Graces.

A Mother’s Day Gift Guide:

We might be slightly more pragmatic as humans but in honour of Mother’s Day a top gift suggestion to add character to your outdoor space is a clan of meerkats from My Hares and Graces…. Meerkats are generally co-operative animals and there is a dominant female in a clan of Meerkats and she is responsible for producing the majority of pups. She jealously defends her position in the clan while the other females help nurture her babies.

These bespoke Meerkat creations can be made in the pewter or the creamy old stone finish depending on where they will ‘live’.

May is the Month of Meerkats  – celebrating the diversity of our beautiful country and especially the little characters that we have all seen and enjoyed on road trips around South Africa.

The clan of five different Meerkats has finally made their debut. They have been many months in the making. As the creator describes, “I have loved the challenge of creating these creatures that are curious, feisty, sometimes quite aggressive, and are a delight to watch.”

They are named aptly – Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta and Echo….there will probably be a few more in due course……

Contact: My Hares and Graces.

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