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Monkey Biz NPO x BOS

Celebrating the Spirit of Africa through art and design, BOS Ice Tea and Monkeybiz are proud to announce a unique partnership dedicated to uplifting local communities.

Based in Cape Town, both companies share a deep-rooted commitment to social change with Monkeybiz focusing on empowering local women through traditional beadwork and BOS Ice Tea on sharing the African spirit globally. By combining forces, they have established Beads of Unity, a vibrant collaboration that came to live in a recent campaign with Siya Kolisi when Monkeybiz created beaded coasters and bracelets inspired by a limited-edition Siya Kolisi design for the campaign.

“The significance of partnering with a company like BOS lies in its stature as a well-established local Cape Town brand. BOS shares a parallel ethos with Monkeybiz, characterised by vibrant and dynamic aesthetics, innovative designs and a commitment to fostering positive change,” says EstherFiliba, General Manager of Monkeybiz.

“This collaboration goes beyond aesthetics; it symbolises the power of partnership in driving meaningful change,” commented William Battersby, CEO of BOS Ice Tea. “By combining traditional craftsmanship with modern marketing, MOnkeybiz and BOS Ice Tea are making an impact in an innovative and fun manner.”

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