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Mervyn Gers: Celebrating Walter Battiss – An SA Icon

In celebration of one of the most recognised artists of the twenty-first century and of South Africa, the Walter Battiss Company offers a carefully curated collection of Walter Battiss’ works.

The team from Mervyn Gers Ceramics Studio was therefore commissioned by The Walter Battiss Company to create a limited edition of 200 each of Battiss’s famous images on a very large plate and a large flat bowl. They currently have 18 of his most famous designs in stock.

A limited edition range of Battiss-inspired platters, designed by Brandtree and produced by Mervyn Gers, will brighten up your walls and dinner table alike. The items can be purchased at the Mervyn Gers studio located at 4 Dorsetshire Street, Paarden Eiland.


Mervyn and his team used elements from Walter Battiss prints that were transferred onto a bespoke and limited edition platters. The current range consists of presentation plates and flat bowls in various designs. It can be used for wall decorations or to serve food on.

More about Walter Battiss:

Battiss’ travels and research extended in all directions, and his open-minded approach to life perhaps shocked more conservative viewers. Once described as the “gentle anarchist”, Battiss’ joie de vivre, appreciation of beauty and sensual treatment of the human form earned him recognition across the world. His paintings and graphics are enjoying renewed interest with contemporary art lovers.

Order your bespoke Walter Battiss Platter or Bowl now through Mervyn Gers.

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