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Meet the creative duo elevating our everyday experiences with unique and stylish Berry Homeware items.

Elevating everyday living.

Berry Homeware is far more than just another homeware and lifestyle brand. It’s a company with a passion for authentic design and local artisans. As such, its range of locally made products, from totes to throws, has been designed to reflect its commitment to creating unique pieces.

“Every item in our collection is created with you in mind,” says owners and designers Neo and Katleho. “Every piece finds its inception in an everyday experience, whether that is cooking your favourite meal or unwinding with a glass of wine after a long day.”

The heart and soul of the brand lie in the simple beauty of life’s moments – and elevating these to special ones.


For this, Neo and Katleho, draw inspiration from their collective experiences.

“Between the two of us, we have lived in a total of eleven homes. We were inspired by our family who managed to turn what could have been perceived as small and uninspired into elevated, heartfelt spaces. 

“Out of the simple beauty of every smell, every sound and every sight came our passion to curate beautiful homes.”

What truly sets Berry Homeware apart is its commitment to authenticity, quality and local craftsmanship. Neo and Katleho curate a wide range of products designed to enhance not only living spaces but life itself, from stylish kitchen essentials to home decor items and accessories that add a personal touch.

Whether you’re setting a beautiful dining table for a special occasion, sipping coffee from an artisanal mug, or enjoying the soft glow of our carefully designed lighting, Berry Homeware is there to make every moment special.

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