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Make Yourself Comfy At Home With Rosenthal

It’s time to get cosy and make yourself comfy at home with Rosenthal. Let’s take a look at some of their phenomenal products for the home…

Phi Lights
Freeze, Spindrift, City, Manhattan, Snow – five avantgarde textures by British designer Cairn Young have been translated into an exciting lamp collection by Rosenthal. Complex, spiral-twisted geometrical patterns cover the white porcelain bodies, transforming them into sculptural objects with an innovative 3D effect. Triangles become frosty flowers, crystals are shaped into snowflakes, cubic objects create a skyline. The translucent light breaks up the strict shapes and plays with the surface structure of the matt porcelain.

Scented Candles
Cosy up indoors with candlelight. Rosenthal’s scented candles set stylish accents in the interior with the highest craftsmanship, fine wax, a luxurious scent and a long burning time.

Rosenthal meets Versace is launching an elegant series of scented candles with the most iconic Versace motifs: Medusa Gala, Vanity, Medusa, Medusa Blue, Le Jardin de Versace, La Scala del Palazzo, Prestige Gala, I love Baroque, Alphabet and Rhapsody.In 2020, Rosenthal meets Versace expands the collection with the Jungle and Jungle Animalier decors. The new scented candles with their striking gold accents and refined details also represent the unique style of Rosenthal meets Versace.

Delicate and noble look have the scented candels with the Turandot décor from the Rosenthal Heritage Collection by Gianni Cinti. The scented candle in a mug from the “Magic Garden” collection is cheerful and beams with rustic style.

Arzberg 1382
This Arzberg shape has made history. When Arzberg presented the design by Dr. Herrmann Gretsch in 1931, the company established its reputation as a design brand. To this day, the simple and functional shape has lost none of its fascination. The unique success story of the legendary cult porcelain “Form 1382” began in 1931 with Hermann Gretsch. Eighty years ago, Gretsch completed sketch number 1382 in the Arzberg model book with one final pencil stroke: it was the final rejection of impractical, ornate tableware and at the same time a clear “yes” to functional, aesthetically beautiful everyday porcelain: “good form”. With it, Gretsch for the first time consistently transferred the principles of the new objectivity into industrial porcelain design. A new company philosophy was born. It is still valid today: the good form for every day.


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