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Gufram: Living With A Domestic Sculpture

Gufram’s domestic sculptures come alive once again in a new photoshoot, where the disruptive and irreverent Radical Design pieces dialogue with the most various architectural spaces.

The idea behind the campaign is to experiment with affinities and contrasts, so to show the aesthetic versatility of the objects – which can enrich classic and contemporary spaces, alike – and to highlight their function. Each image presents a domestic setting, giving the feeling of how different homes can accommodate the brand’s creations.

From the most iconic pieces, like Cactus®, Bocca®, the Capitello series and La Cova, to the most recent Summertime and The Broken Series, this new portfolio of images aims at presenting the flexibility of Gufram’s objects in a way which can emphasize their Radical soul and the craftsmanship behind each detail.

LA COVA by Gufram, Gianni Ruffi (1973)

What can be more surreal in the collective imagination than a human-size nest where one can seek shelter and find rest? This 1973 masterpiece by Gianni Ruffi and edited by Gufram in a limited edition is a veritable work of art: La Cova is a place, a space where one can feel protected; it is the physical as well as the imaginary dimension of absolute relaxation.

SUMMERTIME by Gufram, Valerio Berruti (2013)
The close relationship between art and design has always been a source of inspiration for Gufram. The collaboration with Valerio Berruti, an Italian artist with a distinctive trait, has given life to two couches that have been produced in 250 numbered pieces and have evocative names: Summertime and Autumntime.

BOCCA® UNLIMITED by Gufram, Studio 65 (2020)
Since 1970, the unique Bocca® couch in the shape of lips designed by Studio65, is produced only by Gufram. Still available in its limited-edition series – Bocca®, Dark Lady and Pink Lady – the brand honors this timeless symbol of sensuality, on the occasion of its 50th anniversary, with the Bocca® Unlimited edition: an open edition of 25 new colors which dyes its sinuous shapes covered in a new, more textured and structured groundbreaking fabric, made from a unique wool fiber that ensures a natural touch and accentuates the aesthetic of the couch through an unusual vibrant color effect.

CAPITELLO, ATTICA, ATTICA TL by Gufram, Studio 65 (1971)
“When a majestic Greek column falls and breaks into different pieces it transforms itself into a Gufram sitting room”. The chaise longue Capitello, the armchair Attica and the coffee table Attica TL are contemporary archaeological finds that, exactly like the columns in the Erechtheion at the Acropolis in Athens – from which they find inspiration for aesthetics and dimensions – can be left out in the weather thanks to a particular finish which is suited also to outdoor use.

ANOTHER WHITE by Gufram, Drocco/Mello (2018)
The subject of uncountable, free and often equivocal interpretations, Cactus is the icon of Italian design that revolutionized the domestic landscape.

The Cactus designed in 1972 by Guido Drocco and Franco Mello, an icon of the Italian radical design of the Seventies, acquires two new colors, Another Green and Another White.

Another Green is a tribute to the original edition, but the green one is characterized by a different, lighter and brighter, alive and contemporary tone; Another White, on the other hand, acquires a warm, soft, natural allure, with a shade of white that approaches ivory, the tone of canvases.

THE BROKEN SERIES by Gufram, Snarkitecture (2020)
Gufram continues its partnership with the famous New York practice Snarkitecture: starting from Broken Mirror, the first ever mirror produced by Gufram, the Broken Series is enriched with the new Broken Square Mirror and the new Broken Bench.

The new collection will be presented in collaboration with Gallery All, Gufram’s partner in China, with an extensive digital launch.

Between design object and works of art, the pieces of The Broken Series are available in black or white – in a limited edition of 77 pieces each – or in grey.

For more visit Gufram.

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