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Learn to Accessorize With Roche Bobois

Roche Bobois dives back into the graphic magic of Jean Cocteau’s drawings with this, their latest collection of home accessories.

In addition to new editions of certain ceramics, this season the editor unveils a complete collection inspired by the work of the poet, designer and illustrator. The spontaneity of Jean Cocteau’s drawings is brought to life on bowls, boxes, plates, and cushions skilfully adorned with embroidery, as if transposing the artist’s stroke on textile. This collection is a tribute to French art de vivre.

We love the dark tones of this collection with striking artwork that brings each piece to life. From bold scatters to ceramic bowls and more.

As featured above, there are decorative bowls in red clay faience, turned and enamelled by
hand, available in white or black with the signature art featured on each item. Cushions feature ‘Le Lezard’ or ‘Visages’ artwork embroidery on plain velvet, with back also in
plain velvet. And finally the collection boasts a stylish box in white clay, enamelled by
hand, available in black or white.

The above is just one of the latest collections by Roche Bobois. Others include Graphic Earth Tones, Dark Night, Pearly Reflections and In between blue and green. Each collection has a unique look and feel to create the ideal indoor decorations in your space.

Learn to accessorize with the new Roche Bobois decor collections and bring a designer touch to your home this season.

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