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La Grange Interiors: Styling Tips With The Latest Decor Accessories

Decor trends come and go but timeless design comes down to the little details that work together in a space. It starts with quality materials that never go out of fashion! La Grange Interiors brings us the latest decor accessories with some top tips for styling your home like a design professional.


Glass is one such material that never loses its appeal. It’s a wonderfully versatile finish in contemporary home design and can be used in furniture, accessories and finishing to complete a room. The lightness and reflective qualities of glassware make it a sophisticated addition to your decor setup. Therefore, use a single glass as a vase or stand-alone accessory or pair it with a group of glasses as a statement decor piece. Add some freshly cut flowers or reeds for an organic touch.

Although a staple in every well-designed space, it is imperative to incorporate well thought out pieces that embody taste. Glass adds a wonderful contrasting texture when layered with other materials as rustic wood and upholstery.


Another worthy addition to your decor staples. Metal is certainly a favourite in our toolkit of contemporary accessories! Metallic finishes add a wonderful sheen and texture to a room and can therefore help to elevate even the dullest of corners. A metallic vase, candle holder or even a bowl can thus bring a sense of depth and richness to a display table. Furthermore, mixed metals – with hints of silver, bronze and gold – bring added interest.


An age-old craft of working clay into beautiful ceramicware – this is reflected in the beauty of any ceramic decor. You can use ceramic accessories in almost any room of the house. Add a ceramic bowl filled with fruit to delicacies to your kitchen counter. Add a ceramic vase or vessel to a living room display or a bedside table. The possibilities are thus endless.

La Grange Interiors bring in new styles and accessories on a regular basis. Be sure to check out their latest wares and invest in quality decor to uplift your interiors.


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