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La Grange Interiors: Exquisite Coloured Glassware

We’re having a real moment with coloured glassware this season. Make a colourful splash around your table or add some sparkle (indoors and out) with exquisite glassware and décor at your next soiree. La Grange Interiors unpacks their latest container with glorious glassware in a range of colours and styles.

Although a staple in every well-designed space, it is imperative to incorporate well thought out pieces which embody taste. Glass adds a wonderful contrasting texture when layered with other materials such as rustic wood and upholstery. La Grange Interiors bring in new styles and colours on a regular basis.

Beautifully handcrafted glassware is in and of itself, an artwork. La Grange Interiors imports these amazing finds from Dutz – where each item is mouth blown and hand-formed.

Each vase, bowl, pot, candle holder, candle glass, drinking glass or carafe is the result of dedicated craftsmanship of the glassmakers from Dutz working within their Eastern European factories. The collection is special because of the fascinating craft of glassblowing – not to mention the sheer attention to detail in each product.

If you’ve always veered toward classic, clear glassware, we challenge you to take a look at this trend – with beautiful coloured glassware for a pop of freshness in any space.

A few designer tips for using coloured glassware at home:

  • Spice up your living room with a dash of colour and use coloured vases to brighten up your room, just in time for Spring.
  • A colourful bowl or vase can be a wonderful focal point in a minimalist room with a blank backdrop. Use one piece or group a few glass items for maximum affect on a shelf or table.
  • What about a bold glass side table? A fantastic way to give your room personality and added elegance at the same time.
  • Choose seasonal colours to complement your design scheme. Furthermore, add decorative glassware and accents that you can style according to the seasons.

Shop the look and check out the new arrivals from La Grange Interiors:


Shop exquisite coloured glassware at La Grange Interiors.

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