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Kare Design: Why You Should Hire A Butler As Soon As Possible

These household helpers are guaranteed to conquer everyone’s hearts: the KARE butlers not only faithfully perform their tasks 24/7, but are perhaps the most charming decorative idea of the year.

These quirky serving butlers can serve drinks and snacks or play book holder next to the reading chair. The BUTLER series is the gag at every party, on the balcony, terrace and throughout the flat. Here the applicants introduce themselves.

Butler Frenchy

Always at your service this Frenchy with its expressive eyes creates order on the desk, in the hallway or on the sideboard in the living room. From the tip of its nose to its little paws, the bulldog is subsequently lovingly crafted by hand. Furthermore, it looks deceptively real – the perfect gift for dog lovers or even for yourself.

Butler Playing Chimp

Your new butler knows how to impress guests. The detailed, handcrafted figure of a chimpanzee is a real unique specimen – deviations from the illustration are possible. Placed in the hallway, keys and other items are always within reach on its tray. Also suitable as a surface to put things on in the living room and particularly practical: the tray with its diameter of 28 centimetres is also removable.

Butler Standing Bear

This handcrafted bear is a unique piece that will keep your home tidy. Your keys are always within reach on the removable tray with a surface area of 23 x 9.5 cm. In the home office, the 35 cm high bear butler helps you keep your desk tidy. Because the bear is so lovingly crafted, it looks deceptively real and is also guaranteed to go down well as a gift for animal lovers.

Butler Gorilla

This helpful butler in gorilla form is 100% reliable! Furthermore, the black gorilla has a size of 44cm and holds a golden tray with a surface of 29.50 x 18.50 cm in his hands. The tray therefore offers enough space for your jewellery, shot glasses or anything else that makes this butler the showstopper in the room. As an accessory it will be the interior star on your shelf or sideboard in no time.

Shop the collection at Kare Design.

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  1. Johann De Waal

    May 26, 2022

    These butlers are so stunning! Absolutely love the Frenchie!


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