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Kare Design: How To Style The Ultimate Coastal Interior

Coastal living is all about light-filled, laid-back interiors and stylish furniture choices. With a few carefully curated pieces, and some ingenuity, we can achieve the ultimate in coastal style at home. Here are a few tips to help us get the desired effect, with the perfect pieces from Kare Design.

Set the tone

Coastal living starts with the right attitude in your room. It’s casual, unrefined and easy going. White is often the colour of choice for walls or statement furniture and wood is certainly the material needed to accomplish this design scheme. White-washed walls, white wooden shiplap paneling and light oak flooring are some ways to set the tone in a coastal room. The combination of elements makes for a truly rustic and inspired seaside retreat.

Enhance a colour scheme

Hints of blue and aquamarine are the perfect accompaniments in a coastal setting, so be sure to bring these tones into your space with your choice of decor and accessories. Elements that hint at the ocean are ideal here. Think driftwood, oceanic art and landscapes that embrace the power of the ocean, and let’s not forget decor that hints at those holiday seaside villages we all love to explore.



Pick out coastal furniture

Once you have the basics covered, be sure to create the right ambience with the perfect selection of coastal furniture. Natural textures are your go-to element here. Raw wood is both beautiful and aesthetic, while natural fibres can also be used for added texture and definition in the room. These include rattan, bamboo, linen, leather, cotton, wicker, jute, hemp, and more. So many options – all working together towards a textural feast in the ultimate coastal retreat.

Shop the perfect coastal finds for a truly unique interior. Kare Design offers a range of beautiful pieces with quirky accessories to enhance any space.



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