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Jenny Robert Exclusive Design: 6 Tips To Decorate with Accessories

Turn your house into a home with unique and personalised decor that speaks to your personality. Here we share a few simple tips to decorate like a pro, with accessories and styling tips from Jenny Robert Exclusive Design.

Keep it simple

Less is often more in the world of interior design. If you’re a novice decorator, keep it simple and invest in only the best pieces that you love. If accessories do not make you happy, rather remove and declutter the space. Simple, streamlined and clean areas often make us feel more grounded, calm and happier overall.

Pick quality pieces

Choose high-quality accessories that can add sophistication to your home or project. Remove clutter and choose strong, bold, quality pieces over a number of things that accumulate over time. One quality vase, for example, may make a much bigger impact than a collection of smaller, knick-knacks.

Consider proportions

When choosing accessories, think about the space and positioning it will occupy in a room. A small artwork on a large wall, for example, may seem misplaced. Choosing the right proportions is therefore important to help you maximise the overall style and look of your room.


Layer the look

A well-designed space often incorporates a mixed, layered look. Achieve a well-rounded design by layering elements to complete your space. A mix of materials and accessories is key here. Consider different textures, proportions and sizes and play around with these items to achieve the final result. Layered accessories on a shelf, or table, can help to create balance and help the eye move around the room to highlight the important features present here.

Play with textures

Accessories should be a visual feast for the eyes. By incorporating different textures, you can create visual interest and contrast. A mix of materials and textures can also add warmth, depth and intrigue – all ideal for creating an interior that captivates.

Some ideas to include

When choosing accessories, consider a mix of items such as books, greenery, ceramics, glassware, plates, vases, sculptures and more. A curated collection of glorious accessories are available from Jenny Robert Exclusive Decor and includes quality home accents for a beautiful and customised interior.

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