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Ikira: Tailored To Perfection

If you’re looking for durable outdoor furnishings for your home, Ikira is the place to shop. They specify the highest performance textile ranges from major fabric houses, mills or local agencies; and offer sound advice on the best fabric compositions and coatings, ensuring that your cushions are durable and lasting. In addition, Ikira offers a full CMT service, should you prefer to supply your own fabric.

​You can expect premium quality foam and padding in Ikira cushions, with the optimal combination of layers that achieves the desired level and longevity required for the intended application and environment.

​There is a meticulous focus on all aspects of each custom-made design – from seam construction & edge detailing, to pattern matching and symmetry which sets Ikira’s soft furnishings apart.


Project: ZA_ Tidal View – ARRCC | Photographer – Adam Letch | Exterior Soft Furnishings – IKIRA

Exclusive – Neospand Lining

Exclusive to Ikira, Neospand is a UV stable, waterproof, and anti-microbial lining layer available to clients who would like to leave their cushions exposed to rain without the foam becoming saturated. The Neospand lining is a closed-cell, expanded PVC cover that sits between the foam and the outer upholstery layer. Its function is to keep water from penetrating the foam during wet weather. As soon as the sun dries the outer cover, cushions can be immediately utilized since the inner foam remains dry.

Unlike other quick drying systems where water is allowed to flow through the foam, no drainage vents are needed on the underside of the outer cover, so use of both sides of the cushion is retained. The waterproof Neospand lining is a completely separate layer to the fabric cover facilitating updating, or inter-changing of colour schemes by simply replacing the removable outer cover.

Interior Design: ARRCC Photography: Adam Letch

Decorative Scatter Cushions – Inside & Outside

Ikira manufactures decorative scatter cushions for both indoor and outdoor use. They offer a range of seam detailing, from knife-edge, to piping, tassels, flanges, Turkish corners and gussets.

The team will help you to select the best suited stuffing and lining based on your application. The range of fillings include a feather-down combination for indoor rooms; and unicurl or luxury microfibre for outdoor areas. Each cover and inner is made in-house so you can specify any size of cushion required and select whether you would like the inners to be soft and puffy, firmer for support, or channeled to help keep the cushion flatter and the filling in place. L

Layering scatter cushions in complementary colours and textures adds comfort, luxury and that designer touch. Let Ikira help you to achieve the picture-perfect appeal from the pages of a décor magazine.

Custom Beanbags – Inside & Outside

From oversized piping to exposed seams, Ikira can design any size and shape you require. From chairs to loungers to ottomans, Ikira’s bespoke beanbags feature specially designed channeled inners to maintain their intended shape. Fillings are selected based on whether the product is going to be utilized in an indoor or outdoor environment. All outer covers are removable and washable, with extra-wide openings for ease of use.

Inners have a double layer of lining so the filling is protected from leaking and spilling out, with easy to re-fill channels so you can maintain the fullness of your beanbag for years to come. Comfortable and practical, these beanbags are a trendy, stylish way to add extra informal seating to both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Surf Shack Diner

Protective Furniture Covers

Covering your outdoor furnishings extends their lifespan by limiting their exposure to harsh elements like UV rays, organic matter, and salt deposits. Ikira manufactures protective Ripstop covers customized to fit your furniture and cushions enabling you to shield your outdoor furniture investment from harsh conditions. We especially recommend them for oiled timber products which need regular re-oiling from UV exposure; as well as for furniture and cushions left outdoors at seaside properties. The high level of salt deposits that are experienced by coastally situated real estate is extremely detrimental.

These durable, all-weather covers help to significantly reduce the required cleaning and maintenance, and increase the lifespan of outdoor tables, chairs, sofas and accessories.

Bantry 102

Give your space that wow factor it deserves with Ikira.

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