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Pixelsoda: How to Choose A Statement Mirror For Your Living Room

Mirrors are an easy and affordable way to update your living room and bring a renewed sense of life and energy into a space. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly way to revamp your living quarters, follow these easy tips to help you choose a statement mirror for your home.

1. Consider the position of your new mirror

Statement art, wallpaper or even wall decor can be costly. A statement mirror, however, has the ability to achieve a designer look and add to the overall ambience of your design scheme. First, consider the position and wall where you will be placing your mirror. A mirror is great for reflecting light, nature and more in your living room, so be sure to position it so that is does this job well. It is a little pointless to position a mirror to reflect more clutter or a dark area of your room. Maximise its function and consider the position wisely.

2. What size is best?

Mirrors come in an array of sizes and finishes. Large mirrors adjacent to a seating area or dining room are often best as these make the room feel larger and further reflect your design scheme and selected colours. Smaller mirrors often work best when grouped. A beautiful statement gallery wall would be a wonderful addition to a modern living room with an array of smaller mirrors. Think about the size and if you will need more than one mirror to achieve the end result you’re thinking about.

3. Striking finishes add definition

Frameless mirrors are modern and urban, but a striking frame can add to the style of your space. We love a mix of textures and materials in a bold mirror. Light up any wall space with the Pixelsoda – Umuhle (you are beautiful) wall-mounted mirror. Framed by two slim bands of solid Walnut or Kaait, the Umuhle mirror is an expression of modern geometric elegance. Its sleek, clean discreet shapes and modern minimalist design will make a strong, sophisticated statement on any wall in your home. It is not just an object whose sole function is that of a mirror but rather a decorative statement piece. The mirror can be mounted horizontally or vertically, making it a perfect pick for over console tables and sofas.

Let your living room shine with a carefully considered mirror in the right spot. Be sure to check our Pixelsoda catalogue for more.

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