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Home of Sweet Savannah – A ContAfrican Celebration

Today we are speaking to Cecilia M. Kapasula, Owner, Creator & Interior Decorator at Home of Sweet Savannah. Inspired by Africa, Cecilia shares a love and passion for the continent through beautiful decor and homefurnishings.


Why did you start Home of Sweet Savannah?

Home of Sweet Savannah started after my travels in a few West African countries, where I identified the African aesthetic in furniture and decor but realised the lack of modern, contemporary and luxurious furniture and decor…I decided to start producing luxury and modern items with our “ContAfrican” design style, using inspirations from traditional fabric designs and natural resources fit for any space.

What inspires you?

The African continent is my inspiration… its diversity in culture and traditions and natural wonders & resources.

What makes your collections unique?

My product offerings are unique and modern although they are bespoke, they still appeal to a broad and diverse market. Our fabrics and designs are derived from traditional designs but with a modern appeal. We offer niche good quality products.

What is the concept behind your collection?

“Add a piece of Africa in one’s space and state of mind!” This is our concept for our products our services.

What materials do you like working with and where is your collection made?

I love the combination of velvet, wood and steel. We melange and utilise these materials in most of our products, they represent our core product aesthetic. All our products are made in South Africa.

What is the latest project you are working on?

We recently introduced our Velvet Ndebele & Shweshwe collection for our soft decor & upholstery items, this collection delivers on luxury, beauty & longevity…On our latest project, we produced an large mirror for a lounge which showcased a melange of natural beech wood & black steel frame. We plan on producing these large mirrors with various frame designs as they add an enlargement effect to any space especially in bathrooms.

For more visit Home of Sweet Savannah.

For more visit Home of Sweet Savannah.

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