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Home for the holidays: Interior ideas to keep the kids comfortable and entertained over the winter break


With winter approaching and school holidays not being that far behind, we are sometimes faced with the challenge of not only creating a warm and comfortable space for the kids – but also a space that encourages and allowscreativity to keep your kiddies busy indoors this winter. We need to create a space to fuel the imagination, a space for free movement and expression as well as a space where all the routine transitions of the day can take place. From high energy mornings to winding down at night, we have you covered.

To create a room your little one will love, try focusing different sections of the room towards different activities:

Create a reading nook

Reading nooks for kids can be situated in a bedroom, playroom, or anywhere else within the home. Make it comfy for your little ones with comfy seating, fun fairy lights and a variety of books and activity pads to keep them entertained and busy.

At NancyDesign, we had the honour of creating a reading nook for the library in the Hurlingham home. Who said only the kids get to have all the fun!

Featured image: Hurlingham home

Build a fort

Pass time by getting creative with the kids and building a blanket fort. Get cuddled up with a movie during those rainy days.

Looking to add some new additions to your home (or fort)? Our White Reflection or Pink Dreams Design fleece throw at R1,553.00 has you covered!

Featured: White Reflection Design fleece throw (left) Pink Dreams Design fleece throw (right)

Do some arts and crafts

A fun way to keep your kids busy during school holidays and adding some new decor to your home is by having a creative corner! Create a space in the home and grab your glitter, glue, and colour paper and get crafting. Why not make beaded snowflakes, decorate a canvas to hang in the home,or even create your very own accent wall with some paints, the possibilities are endless!

“From a child’s perspective, everything is an interactive surface with the potential to be sculpted, painted, draped, or molded artistically…. Their play is often a response to subtle variations in the places and sensations that surround them.” – Anita Rui Olds

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