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Harvey Rothschild & Ian Hertslet on Show at the Cape Gallery

Creativity takes courage – to wear your heart on a canvas on display for the entire world to see. Don’t miss out on the latest art exhibition by Harvey Rothschild and Ian Hertslet which will be on show at The Cape Gallery, opened by Angelique Kirk on 5 September 2019.

For most of September you can come and explore the work of this exciting creative pair, on show from 5 September (First Thursday) at 7pm and on until 27 September.

Ian Hertslet

Ian was educated at Parktown Boys High in South Africa. His life philosophy is that dedication eliminates process. Long before leaving high school, Ian knew that art had chosen him for a lifetime partnership.

“My approach has evolved from precious brushwork to far more spontaneous painting, constantly striving for new and interesting ways of seeing things. The foundations for my life as an artist were grounded in years of discipline as a professional illustrator.

More recently, my paintings merge what I call Impact Impressionism and an even more Modern Expressionist interpretation.”

Ultimately… no matter how divergent, the underlying message is all about self-discovery and personal fulfilment. Ian is convinced that good technique facilitates passion.

Harvey Rothschild

“We live in a world that has lost its way. A world where the rational dominates the emotional, the intellectual holds sway over the spiritual, the complex confuses the simple and where technology is more esteemed than biology. Our salvation – our chance to live truly rich and fulfilled lives – lies in the need to reconnect with nature, to open our eyes to the things that we take for granted.”

Born in Johannesburg, South Africa at the mid-point of the last century, Harvey proved to be a very average scholar – and an extraordinary artistic talent. Following his matriculation Harvey headed for England in 1969 to further his studies in Art and Design and to be part of the creative explosion in art, fashion and music that blasted London in the Swinging Sixties. With a Foundation Course completed at the Blackpool School of Art behind him, he was admitted to St Martins School of Art.

Not only was Art Calling, so was Africa. Harvey returned to South Africa in January 2002, captivated by the wide open spaces, the earthiness of the people, the warmth of he colours, the sensuality and variety of the textures, and the intoxicating smells that are unique to the southern tip of Africa.

Don’t miss out on this thrilling exhibition this September.

Find out more at The Cape Gallery.

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