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Go Green with Envy and Jenny Robert

Green. It’s the soothing colour of nature, wildlife, greenery and the mountainside. Bringing this calming tone into your home can give it a fresh new feel. If you’re looking for the perfect accents to spruce up your space, look no further than Jenny Robert Exclusive Design. It’s time to go green with envy… 

In colour psychology, green is often connected to nature and growth, but can also speak of health, generosity and balance. When you incorporate this versatile colour into a room, you can expect it to create a space that reflects these positive associations.

This colour can feel rejuvenating, imparting a sense of freshness, growth, and vitality. Furthermore, many people like green because it helps them feel safe and secure. It’s not an overwhelming or dramatic colour like black or red, so you can actually get away with using green in various forms in interior design.

Accents and Accessories

If you’re wanting to start out small, then choose smaller accent pieces in your favourite shades of green. And when we say that there are many variations of this colour, we’re not lying! Choose from avocado green or pistachio green to emerald, jade, teal and even moss green. There is a shade to suit any application.

Bring out the most of this colour by mixing it up with textures. Ceramics, earthenware and glass are some of our favourites. In shades of green, these can add a wonderful reflective tone to your decor that can enhance the entire room.

Some interior decor ideas:

Use green in a fun statement way in a living room of bedroom. Add a green feature wall behind the sofa or bed. This doesn’t have to be a painted wall. You can get the same look with wallpaper and textured prints featuring greenery in the space too.

Consider the other colours that perfectly pair with green. For a super jewel-toned room, mix rich earthy shades of green with deep navy blues and burgundies. This palette is perfect for large spaces with room to experiment. Look for vintage Turkish-style rugs that pull in rich, deep colours.

If you’re opting for a more vintage or eclectic feel, consider pairing a hunter green with burnt, rustic orange. This combo feels very welcoming and calming. Furthemore you can add lighter shades of green, too, such as sage to keep the palette light and airy.

Go green with envy and find the perfect accent piece at Jenny Robert Exclusive Decor.


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