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Exciting Accessories & Accent Pieces From La Grange Interiors

Simple styling tricks can make all the difference in your interior. Learn to style like a pro with these exciting accessories and new accent pieces now on offer from La Grange Interiors.

Decor often completes a room. It is those little details that can enhance a space and give it a wow factor. With the right accessories, you can complement the style, colour and overall feel of any space. Choose wisely and create a sophisticated interior with decor and accessories that speak into a modern way of life.


Here we share a few tips to help you style your space like a pro:

  • Texture is key. Decor accessories are a wonderful way to create a tactile mood in your room. Mix modern materials and textures to create a warm, modern and inviting space.
  • Declutter and start with a blank canvas when decorating. Use pieces you love to guide the mood and overall feel of your room. Items such as a beautiful shelving unit, statement rug or bold sofa are key ingredients in the overall mix of a stylish living room.
  • Invest in statement pieces that add definition without overwhelming your interior. Go for quality over quantity.
  • Group items on display. Vases, candles, bottles and accent decor often work best when grouped on a coffee table or counter.

  • Create height and depth with a variety of decor accessories in varying sizes and shapes.
  • Opt for mixed materials such as glass, ceramics, metal and wood for an eclectic yet refined look.
  • Choose a set number of accent colours and work these into your decor. Your accent pieces are a great way to introduce and maintain a colour scheme in your space.

Shop an exciting range of decor and accent pieces at La Grange Interiors. You’ll be sure to bring your home to life this season.

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