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Embrace the Cosy with Vintage Revival: Warm Up Your Home with LEROY MERLIN

As the South African chill sets in, it’s the perfect time to create a warm and inviting space you’ll love to retreat to. This season, embrace the vintage revival style! It’s not just about using old furniture; it’s about reimagining classic styles with a modern twist. Rich colours, timeless charm, and a touch of character – that’s the recipe for your winter sanctuary. Both online and in-store, Leroy Merlin has everything you need to bring this vision to life.

Mix and Match Decades:

Think beyond a single era! Picture plush 70s velvet curtains or cushions in a warm hue alongside a mid-century modern gallery wall. A stylish mirror or coffee table completes the look, sparking conversation and reflecting your unique personality.

Treasure Hunt for Quality:

Vintage pieces are renowned for their durability and craftsmanship. Often boasting beautiful details and natural materials like wood, glass, and leather, they inherently create a cosy feel. Keep an eye out for characterful pieces on your next shopping adventure, and discover vintage-inspired treasures in the décor and lighting section at Leroy Merlin. Think sleek desk lamps, coloured glass vases, long sleek candle holders or even framing your old photos in modern frames for a personal touch.

Modern Touches on Vintage Finds:

Found a captivating vintage armchair but the fabric feels dated? Reupholster it in a rich, warm hue like burnt orange or emerald green. This injects a touch of modern comfort while preserving the vintage charm. Complete the look with velvet scatter cushions and throws in matching colours for a cohesive flow throughout the room. Explore Leroy Merlin’s extensive velvet cushion collection to find the perfect match.



Incorporate texture with the Polyresin Textured brown bathroom range.

Pops of Warmth:

Vintage design isn’t afraid of colour! Incorporate bold geometric patterns and textures through throws, rugs, artwork, or wallpaper. Think deep reds, burnt oranges, emeralds, and mustard yellows – all perfect for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.


Curate, Don’t Crowd:

While vintage pieces add character, avoid cluttering your space. Choose a few statement pieces that complement each other – a vintage lamp here, a luxurious velvet throw pillow there. This curated approach creates an intentional and cosy ambience.


Confidently embrace the vintage revival trend with a focus on warm palettes. With a little creativity and the help of Leroy Merlin’s diverse product range, you can transform your home into a haven of timeless style and comforting ambiance – the perfect refuge from the South African chill!

Contact: Leroy Merlin.

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