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Dogtas: 10 Wooden Furniture Items To Elevate Your Home

Wood is a timeless material with many benefits, especially in interior design. Make the most of your home with beautiful wooden decorative objects and furniture. These can improve your space, and your mood!

Wood is one of the earliest materials used in ancient human history beginning with meeting some of our most basic needs such as shelter. Over time, wood has also become an artistic expression as civilisations began to develop wooden crafts and decor. From Ancient Egypt to the Greeks, Romans, and Chinese… Many ancient cultures turned to woodworking by making functional as well as ornamental objects with distinctive techniques.

Throughout ancient history until today, wood maintains its popularity. In interior design, wood adds warmth and quality to a room. Wooden decor can add a finishing touch while wooden furniture can bring a sense of timeless style.

Here are some top ways to use wood in your interior:

1. Sofa Sets

Sofa sets are one of our favourite parts of the living room. There are many options when it comes to sofas. Yet, wooden details may enhance the appearance of sofas as well as add a natural ambience to your living room. A sofa set with wooden legs can add a wow factor. We, therefore, suggest that you look for a sofa set that showcases beautiful wooden accents.

2. Coffee Table

Wooden coffee tables can add elegance to your home. This minimalistic simplicity can furthermore, enhance your space. They are subsequently a great option to balance the style of your interior design. In fact, you can choose wooden coffee tables to create a retro or modern rustic home interior.

3. Sideboard

Sideboards are not only functional pieces but also decorative objects. These can subsequently change the whole look of the home. Especially in the dining and living rooms, wooden consoles beautify the spaces with their unique designs.

4. Shelving

An empty wall can be quite bland in a room. A simple wooden shelf is a great way to add interest. Indeed, shelves are not only used for enhancing the beauty of your house but also for organizing your items and displaying your wares. You can choose the shelves made in any material, however, wooden shelves are timeless and will suit almost any design scheme.

5. Chandeliers and Lamps

A wooden chandelier or lamp can create a stunning ambiance in your home. Since there are a variety of styles you can use with wooden lamps, you can easily bring a rustic or a modern style into your space. You can combine both modern and nostalgic styles together. A beautiful wooden floor lamp may also be a good choice for you.


6. Picture Frames

Bring decorative flair to any room with a display of memories in a stunning array of wooden picture frames. Wooden frames are subsequently both elegant and affordable, which makes them preferable to use in home interior design. They are also good at adding charm to your home. Therefore, using a wooden frame with a picture or a photograph can completely change the whole ambiance of your home.

7. Mirrors

Wooden framed mirrors are ideal choices to bring light and reflection to your room. Framed wood adds an organic charm to your space that can tie into a natural, rustic or even Meditteranean design. They are sophisticated pieces for your living room and will even make your room feel airier and larger.

8. Wood vases

If you’re looking for texture and added decoration, be sure to invest in quality wooden decor such as a simple vase.  They bring both natural air and rustic charm into your home. Furthermore, you can use wooden vases to display your favourite blooms and instantly freshen up your space.

9. Wall Art

Get creative with your wall decorations. Wood can be used in various forms and we absolutely love wooden wall decor for that burst of texture and tone in a room. Create a focal wall in a bedroom or living space and use wooden accents to highlight a statement wall.

10. Clocks

Wooden clocks undoubtedly add sophisticated style to your home. They are both functional and decorative pieces. A stylish addition to any open wall or table top.


There’s no denying it! Wood is a beautiful timeless material. A perfect addition to any room in the house. Doğtaş, a leading brand in Turkish furniture, can help you to achieve a sophisticated interior with wooden accents.

Visit Dogtas and check out our favourites now available from this international brand.

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