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Distinctive Spaces: 10 Reasons We Love Vertical Gardens

If you’re looking for that wow factor for your home or office, retail or residential space, then look no further than a striking vertical garden by Distinctive Spaces.

With so many benefits, we decided to narrow them down to just 10 reasons why we love these vertical gardens and what they have to offer…

Instant Feature Wall

Vertical gardens are aesthetically pleasing and create an instant Insta-Worthy feature wall in any space. You don’t have to settle for bland or boring walls when a pop of greenery can give it new life in an instant!

Beautifying spaces

Vertical gardens can add fresh colour and visual interest to indoor or outdoor spaces. What’s more is that it can help to create a calming and relaxing environment.

Boosting mood

Studies have shown that exposure to plants and greenery (even the artificial kind) can help to reduce stress and create a balanced ambience in your space.

Enhance productivity

A calming effect can boost productivity and improve concentration when you are around a vertical garden. If you are working from home, having a vertical garden will help you perform tasks effectively and with greater accuracy.

Variety is the Spice of Life

You have many choices when it comes to designing your vertical garden: neat designer boxes with silk planting, floating shelves with repetitive planting, full mixed planting and more. Silk plants are hugely beneficial for vertical landscapes because they don’t require an expensive watering system, there is no risk of damp seeping into the walls, no risk of overgrowth since they don’t require trimming and you won’t incur any disruptions from service teams.

Low maintenance

Artificial plant vertical gardens require very little maintenance. Furthermore, they do not need to be watered, fertilized, or pruned like living green walls. This can make them a more practical option for some spaces.


Artificial plants are not subject to the same life cycle as living plants. This means they can provide a long-lasting solution for creating greenery in a space.

Consistent appearance

Artificial plants always look the same. So, they can be used to create a consistent and uniform appearance.

Space Saving

Short on space? Take to the sky, walls or roofs. Vertical gardens are a great way to save on floor space without compromising style. This also makes vertical gardens great for smaller, more compact spaces.

Added Privacy

You can create foilage privacy screens to serve as a green wall and add much-needed privacy inside or outside.

About Distinctive Spaces

Distinctive Spaces consists of 4 companies, namely Distinctive Silks, Vertical Gardens, Distinctive Pots and Distinctive Interiors.

Obviously, Distinctive Silks focuses on all things silk – meaning silk trees, silk plants, silk green walls, silk flowers and pots/plant containers.

Then Distinctive Interiors encompasses all things interior – from interior design, wall papers and paints, curtains and blinds to fabrics and furniture.

With over 25 years experience in the design and creative industries, the company delivers a wealth of originality and innovation with a fresh unique approach to design projects. They are led by a strong team of creators, all of whom strive to reach beyond the ultimate design goal of a valued client.

For more visit Distinctive Spaces.

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