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Spring Cleaning: 10 Ways To Get Organized With Mia Mélange Baskets

Out with the old, and in with the new. It’s the season to get organized and clean out our interior spaces. Making room for new things can be a challenge, especially when you’re prone to collect clutter. Follow these easy tips with 10 effective ways to get organized with baskets… and some of our top choices from Mia Mélange

Baskets are versatile little beauties. And we love that you can use them just about anywhere from the bathroom to the braai room and everything in between! Here are some awesome and nifty options…

In the bathroom…

#1. Store clean towels in an oversized basket in your bathroom. This can be a stylish addition to your space and serve as much-needed storage.

In the bedroom

#2. Use a small basket on your nightstand or bedside table for trinkets and jewellery before you get into bed each night. It’s a safe and convenient spot to house your valuables and keep them close when morning comes around.

In the reading room

#3. Add a basket to a book nook or reading area in your home. You could use this to store your most recent reading materials, or fill it with a throw and cushion to create the comfiest reading spot in the house!

In the laundry room

#4. Fill matching baskets with all your detergents and cleaning materials for a truly refined and modern look in the laundry room. The place will instantly feel more organized and contemporary!

In the braai room

#5. A large basket may be the ideal option forstorage in an entertainment room or braai area. It’s also a great way to give your room a more curated feel and keep it looking neat and tidy.

In the kitchen

#6. Add a round basket to your kitchen counter. Use it to group utensils together and keep everything in one accessible space. Your kitchen counters will feel less cluttered.

In the living room

#7. Arrange baskets on a wall. By mounting baskets on a wall in a toy room or study, you can keep the floors clean and give the room a fresh new look.

In the dressing room

#8. Baskets are the perfect organizational tools for a dressing room or closet. Use smaller options on a vanity for makeup and tools; or place larger baskets under the shelf to store toilet paper, cleaning products or towels.

In the spare bedroom

#9. Keep a basket shopper bag ready for those warmer spring days when you’re planning a trip to the beach or park for a picnic. Keep all the essentials safely stowed in it for those spontaneous trips in the car.

In the craft room

#10. Organize your craft room or study with baskets. Group similar items together and create a neater, more productive environment in which to get creative.

Mia Mélange is handcrafted in South Africa from locally sourced 100% cotton. Each and every item is an original, high quality product. If you’re looking for contemporary storage solutions for your home or office, be sure to check out their beautiful range of baskets and more.

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    September 19, 2021

    Things are beautifull i like them where to get them


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