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Painting Valentine’s Day Red: Fun Finds at Leroy Merlin for a Heartfelt Home

This Valentine’s Day, indulge in the art of love with Leroy Merlin’s curated collection of red treasures and top gift suggestions for a heartfelt home.

Whether you’re transforming your space into a romantic haven, creating intimate corners for two, or simply adding touches of passion throughout your home, these finds promise to infuse every nook with a touch of love and warmth. Join us in celebrating a Valentine’s Day adorned with heartfelt charm and beautifully curated decor.

This Valentine’s Day, let Leroy Merlin help you paint your world red with these charming finds. Whether you’re hosting a romantic dinner, creating a cosy reading corner, or simply adding pops of passion throughout your home, these items will infuse every corner with love and warmth. Cheers to a heartfelt and beautifully decorated Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate love and passion than by splashing your home with vibrant shades of red?

Say it in red all month long

Leroy Merlin has curated a delightful collection of red items that will not only add a pop of colour but also infuse your space with romance. Let’s explore these heartwarming finds that will make your Valentine’s Day celebrations truly special.


Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Now’s the time to spoil your loved one and gift them something special this Valentine’s month. Here are some great gift suggestions to help you find the perfect present. 


Introducing a captivating addition to LEROY MERLIN’s home decor collection. This amber bulb not only radiates warmth and romance but also features a unique filament design intricately crafted to spell out the word “LOVE.” Emitting a soft, ambient glow, this energy-efficient bulb creates a cosy atmosphere, making it perfect for intimate settings and setting the mood for a romantic celebration. 



A sexy addition to your poolside experience, this 1.98×1.37 inflatable float brings a touch of summer romance to your pool, featuring a charming “LOVE” tattoo design. 



Express affection and add a splash of charm to your special someone’s daily routine. Gift the Hello Lovely Bathmat in Pink for Valentine’s Day, offering a unique and heartfelt token of love and comfort.

Remember, you don’t have to wait for a special day to say ‘I Love You’… Gift your special someone a heartfelt present for the home any time of the year, and keep the happy memories coming!

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