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Malabar: Add Artsy Focal Points To Your Bedroom

Refusing to recognise the authority of just a single style, or a definition of what art should be, Malabar creative minds have come together to create some interesting and artsy focal points for your interior. 

The Ej-ee Bed

The Postmodernism movement is notoriously difficult to define. So the best way to characterize this elusive art movement is that it’s a reaction against the utopian ideals of modernism. Over two decades, this bold movement established ideas about art and design. As a result, it brings a new self-awareness about style itself.

Malabar designers have thus created the Ej-ee Bed. This is a sensory visual experience through the extravagant and edgy colour palette. Furthermore, they use a combination of different shapes, and contraction.

The Ej-ee cotton velvet upholstered headboard looks like a playful Tetris game. The geometric shapes, however, fit perfectly with each other. The bed, therefore, creates an artsy focal point on the scheme. It’s a great way to make the bedroom a sanctuary for art.

BOHLD side table

In the early 80s, objects and furniture were designed to be functional, not decorative. So the Italian-based designer and architect Ettore Sottsass met a group of designers to change this. They relied on a more creative design approach. Inspired by the art movements of Art Deco and Pop Art Style and the Memphis Group, the Bohld Side Table comes to life.

A dialogue between art, architecture, and design drives over this highly influential 80s inspired Bohld Side Table design. Handcrafted by Portuguese artisans, the structure is subsequently made of travertine and oak. Furthermore, it is connected through a polished brass sphere to a Black and Gold, and a Calacatta marble chess pattern.

The Memphis-inspired Bohld Side Table matches the energy of colour, materials, and patterns to transform atmospheres and elevate your mood.

NoMad Table Lamp

Located in New York City, the NoMad District is where you’ll find all that makes this city an exciting place for visitors and those seeking inspiration.

Centrally located in Manhattan with easy access to the entire city, NoMad is the current hub of New York’s creativity with a unique energy day and night.

With this creative district in mind, Creativemary designers conceived this modern NoMad wall lamp. The NoMad table lamp features two white opaque glass shades and a brass structure. Mixing soft curves with clean lines, the minimalist NoMad table lamp will therefore ensure your décor has the perfect lighting.

About Malabar

Malabar designs and crafts exclusive artisanal furniture with a distinct artistic design aesthetic. Abandoning the rules of right and wrong, most recently Malabar launches the Future Classic’s collection that is all about to move, to shock, to offend, or to be fabulous in your interior décor.

For more visit Malabar.

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