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 LIM: Less is More

Established in Cape Town in 1997 , LIM is a Mother City favourite among design-savvy city dwellers, offering a choice collection of furniture and homeware items characterised by innovation in design and quality craftsmanship.

Built on Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s principle of “less is more”, the LIM philosophy is not so much about going sparse but rather that every room’s design is thoughtful and every piece is afforded the space and opportunity to shine.

It also means going clutter-free to avoid items competing for attention or getting lost in between and under “stuff”.

“There’s nothing better than to have a clutter-free space that only holds items that bring you joy and comfort, and that tell a story, your story,” says Marc of LIM.

“The beginning of the year gives us the best opportunity to refresh our look and space. Decluttering can help you set the tone for the new year and transform not only your space but your life.’

To help clients embrace the less is more philosophy, here the team shares some tips for decluttering your space – and keeping it clutter-free.

  1. Get rid of excess items that do not give you joy or comfort. Anything that doesn’t reflect who you are, is no longer wanted or used (think about that junk drawer or storage bin with clothes you think you’ll wear again), should go to a new home. Ditto for duplicate items, after all, how many spaghetti strainers does one need?
  2. Build new clutter-free habits. There’s no point in decluttering just to fall back into the same old routines, so commit to new ways of doing like returning items to their designated spot after use, completing home projects in a timely manner and tidying up every evening before going to bed.
  3. Shop more consciously. Source furniture and styling elements for your home with intention and reservation. Choose items that serve multiple purposes to extend the life of the item and that it may be used in many different reiterations. In a world  that revolves around fast paced consumerism lets try create future heirlooms rather than disposable decor.


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