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Leroy Merlin: Winter Solutions

While loadshedding may be a thing of the past – for now – come winter, a lack of grid capacity (or the worry about soaring electricity bills), can leave many in the cold. To help, here DIY hypermarket and homeware store Leroy Merlin shares seven easy hacks for warming up your home with minimal or no electricity.

Add a rug

An easy and cost-effective way to not only keep your feet warm but also cosy up a room is the addition of an area rug. 

Let the sun in

Be sure to open curtains and blinds on sunny days to let the sunshine in – the rays will warm up your home. Remember to close your curtains or blinds again as soon as the sun starts to set to keep your home warmer for longer. The thicker the window treatment, the more insulation it will provide during the cooler months.

Leave the oven door open

Once you’re done cooking, grilling and baking, turn your stove off and leave the door open so that the steaming air can flow circulate into your kitchen and home.

…And the bathroom door

If possible, also leave the bathroom door open when you take a shower. That way, the hot steam from your shower can also circulate through the house, warming it up.

Buy a hot water bottle

A quick and easy way to heat up, nothing beats the tried-and-tested hot water bottle. Make sure yours is in good condition before winter comes – even the smallest leak can cause a serious injury.

Prevent drafts

Even the smallest draft can cause a chill indoors. Be sure to keep your windows and doors shut, including doggy doors, which you can cover with a wool blanket or towel to avoid any unnecessary chills.

Invest in a gas fireplace

No electricity? No problem! A gas fireplace will keep you nice and toasty all winter long. With an array of stylish designs available, it’s an efficient heating solution for large open-plan spaces. The bonus/ No ashes and soot to clean.

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