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Kare Design: Let’s Go Green

Today we take a look at invigorating colour trends and how these shape our everyday spaces. Green is a trending tone that exudes a harmonious vitality, symbolizing nature’s abundance, balance, and the refreshing essence of renewal.

Green is a versatile and timeless colour that often finds its way into various design and decor trends. Natural, earthy shades of moss, sage and olive green work well in indoor and outdoor spaces, evoking a sense of calm and a connection to the natural world. Explore the latest Kare Design products that embrace the beauty of green here.


The move to biophilic design, focusing on incorporating nature into interior spaces, has challenged the world of interior design to become more aware of the impact of our lifestyle on our planet. Adding live walls, plants, and even trees to interiors not only adds a natural and calming pop of colour it also adds to longevity, improves air quality, and positively affects stress and creativity.

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Vibrant, bold greens, such as emerald and jewel tones, add luxury and opulence to your space – as feature pieces or accent colours. Incorporating green cushions, artwork, chairs and sofas makes a statement that’s hard to ignore!

Pops of green in deco objects and vases combined with plants and flowers tie a space together beautifully, emphasizing the natural elements in a room.

Cultural Fusion in Interior Design

Cultural fusion in interior design is a captivating art form that weaves the tapestry of diverse cultures into our living spaces. It’s a celebration of our multicultural world, a testament to the beauty of inclusivity, and a nod to the planet’s well-being. At KARE, we wholeheartedly embrace this philosophy, and it’s at the core of our design ethos.


The essence of cultural fusion lies in carefully selecting elements, styles, and influences from various cultures. It’s a journey that transcends boundaries and marries the old with the new, the traditional with the contemporary. The result is a harmonious and unique living space that reflects the richness of human heritage.

To embark on your cultural fusion journey, choose furniture and furnishings that resonate with the styles you wish to blend. It’s essential to infuse your personal style and preferences into the mix, making your space not only a homage to different cultures but also a reflection of your unique personality.

Whether it’s Balinese serenity, Moroccan mystique, or Japanese minimalism, you can draw inspiration from different regions and countries, as we do at KARE. By integrating global perspectives, your interior design becomes a captivating story that inspires curiosity about the world.

So, let your living space tell a tale of cultural harmony that celebrates diversity, uniqueness, and the planet we call home. Add carpets, artwork, and decorative objects to weave your style’s threads into your home’s fabric. The result will be a living space that speaks volumes about you and the global tapestry we all belong to.

Explore the latest Kare Design products that embrace the beauty of green here.

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