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Kare Design: Fierce, Feminine & Floral

Go fiercely feminine with gorgeous floral prints for your next interior project. Kare Design brings us all the inspo to achieve this look at home…

Floral flavour

Floral prints have made their mark in the world of design today. They appear on everything from bed linen to wallpaper, floors and even curtains! Floral patterns vary too. Taking inspiration from the thousands of varieties available in nature, you can have your pick. Choose from beautiful peonies and classic roses to budding flowers with branch and sprigged designs. The choices are endless; honestly, you can find a selection to suit almost any taste and design scheme.

The detailed patterns of blossoms seem to pop when paired with simple furnishings in natural wood tones or neutral colours. Find inspiration in the great outdoors and bring your favourite florals inside – into your everyday spaces.

Floral the right way

Here are some great tips to help kickstart your journey with floral designs at home…

Choose a colour scheme:

Start by choosing a colour scheme for your room and then pick out accent tones that can be replicated in your choice of floral prints. For example, look at colours in the print and choose a few that you can echo throughout the room. This will create a wonderfully cohesive look.

Mix and match:

Mix and match different floral prints to add even more interest and depth to the room. This is also a great way to add an extra feminine touch to your space. Furthermore, you can use the same colour scheme for all the prints to tie them together.

Use accent pieces:

Use floral print accent pieces such as throw pillows, curtains, or a floral rug to add a pop of colour to a neutral room.

Keep it balanced:

When using floral prints, it’s important to keep the overall look balanced. Use solid-coloured pieces to break up the floral prints and keep the room from looking too busy.


The collection from Kare Design is vast and beautiful. Choose from gorgeous floral printed decor, rugs, screens and more.

Visit Kare Design.

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  1. Johann De Waal

    March 29, 2023

    Totally love it!! From vivid floral prints on edgy black backgrounds to stunning arrangements of beautiful soft blooms. Fierce, Feminine and Floral decor is the perfect way to showcase your passion for nature.


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