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Jedanna Dezines: Make the Most of Your Garage Sale Goods

Garage sales are a popular way to sell unused and out-of-trend items and can be a great opportunity to embrace various design trends. With a few simple tips and ideas you can make the most of your garage sale and entice an audience to give new life to your unwanted interior items. The visionary behind Jedanna Dezines shares some top tips with us today… 

Go Green

Incorporate the biophilia trend by selling items that bring the outdoors inside. Include things like indoor plants. So you may want to pot a few cactus plants, and add them to your sale items. 

Furniture made from natural materials, like hemp, or items in earthy colour palettes is another great example. Natural materials sell well and promote the concept of sustainable materials and our connection with the earth.

Seasonal Items

In SA, we are about to celebrate Braai Day and Heritage Month. So why not offer local seasonal products at your garage sale. Remember that Christmas is just around the corner too. Incorporate seasonal items into your garage sale and create an enticing space to shop!

Follow colour trends

Soft pastel colours are in this spring, so consider this when pricing and displaying items like home décor or clothing in shades of blush pink, mint green, or baby blue. On the other hand, bold patterns, vibrant colours, and a mix of textures are in demand with the maximalism trend, so items that fit this description could be priced slightly higher at your next garage sale. The blending of different design styles is gaining traction with the mix-and-match styles trend, which could apply to a variety of eclectic items at your garage sale.

Plan ahead

Remember to plan, gather items, price fairly, organize effectively, advertise well, present attractively, and ensure safety. Research the value of potentially valuable items before the sale and be prepared to negotiate. Keep in mind that demand for certain items may vary with the season. Hosting a well-organized (yes get the kids and family involved), well-advertised garage sale can help you maximize the value of your unwanted items, whilst some great “finds” in your passé items can create a successful event for yourself and some canny treasure hunters.

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