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Get Growing With Holt Home & Garden

Ever wanted to grow and eat your own nutritious veggies, fruit and herbs? Now you can do just that at home and let the home harvest begin. Holt Home & Garden has everything you need to grow your own edible plants in your own home or garden. Shop planter boxes, mini-greenhouses, raised garden beds and more.

Wonderfully satisfying and good for the Earth: homegrown veggies, fruits and edible flowers are the first steps in a feel-good green cycle.

Where will you start?

You have the idea and the ambition to grow your own edible plants, so what’s the first step? We suggest finding the perfect spot to make it happen. And then decide on what you would like to grow.

No garden? No worries! Today you’ll find clever gardening solutions that don’t require much space or even a large outdoor bedding. Holt’s range of raised garden beds, mini greenhouses and planter boxes are ideal – even when outdoor space is limited.

Grow a vertical garden

When floor space is a problem, grow up! All you have to do is invest in a vertical garden and make your planting dreams a reality. A modern vertical gardening system such as the one featured above is perfect for use indoors and out. With a flow-through watering system, you can create your own spectacular wall of greenery with this modular kit and rest assured that there is an even dispersion of water to all the pots. This wall-mounted kit contains 12 pots and includes saucers to catch excess water.

If you’re just starting out with your garden, you’ll also want to keep new plants well-watered and free from pests. On your shopping list include a handy watering can or bucket and a spray bottle to decant any organic and non-harmful bug deterrents.

Offer support to growing plants such as tomatoes with the simple addition of trellis panels – pot trellis, free-standing expanding trellis or eco trellis panels are all good choices.

Create a spectacular greenhouse

Wondering how you will protect your new plants and shoots from pests and the elements? The Respana High Greenhouse Set is the perfect at-home growing solution for your favourite herbs and vegetables. This kit includes: a set of 4 wooden legs, grow table, and a ventilated polycarbonate lid to create ideal germination conditions. What’s more, is that it is UV protected and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


Holt’s Veggie Wall is another great growing solution. This offers the urban gardener an all-in-1 growing set solution, including the trellis, to grow more than one plant at once. Furthemore, it provides a great water reservoir to deal with the hottest summers. Brighten up mealtimes with this exciting kit as it is fun to grow your own climbing veggies and flowers.

Ready to start growing your own? Visit Holt for more.

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