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Daydreaming about Instagreen

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to transform a bland space into something a little more “insta-worthy” we’re about to answer all your prayers. 

Instagreen is a luxury, low- maintenance, and versatile greenery solution, offering green-wall panels, privacy screens, hedges, and topiaries that can be used to jazz up any indoor or outdoor area.

This artificial greenery comes with a pretty impressive list of benefits, so let’s touch on a few:

Instagreen is incredibly low maintenance.

If you’re the type who can’t keep a plant alive for the life of you (which, if we’re all being quite honest, is most of us), then Instagreen is definitely the answer. No need for intricate irrigation systems for your green walls, and no more panic at the realisation that the last time you watered the hedges was about a month ago. You can enjoy the gorgeous greenery all year round without any worries about wilting, watering, or trimming.

 Instagreen is perfect for any environment!

With a wide range of foliage options and applications, Instagreen can be used almost anywhere! Need more privacy from your nosey neighbours? Want to spice up an empty wall in your home? Looking for low-maintenance hedges or topiaries? Instagreen offers a solution for almost every problem. Indoors or outdoors, on the walls or on the floors, the beauty of Instagreen can be enjoyed wherever your heart desires, and with a UV protected range, you can rest assured that it will hold its own against the elements.

 There’s a reason why it’s called INSTAgreen.

It can take a long time for plants to grow into their full beauty, but Instagreen is an instant greenery solution (that you can even install yourself as a weekend DIY project might we add), meaning your space will radiate immediate beauty, and there’s no need to wait for your hedges to fill out before they offer you the privacy or screening that you need.

 Instagreen is the ultimate greenery solution, offering you both practicality and all-around beauty.

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