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CASA LV: 10 Ways To Style Your Home With Glass Vases

Bring a pop of colour into your home with a gorgeous glass vase to brighten up any space. Here we bring you 10 easy ways to style your home with coloured glass vases…

Flower arrangements:

Nature is a wonderful way to brighten up any room. One of the most traditional and simple ways to use coloured glass vases is as containers for flower arrangements. Choose a colour and shape that complements the flowers you plan to use, and place the vase on a windowsill, mantelpiece, or dining table for a beautiful and colourful display.

Create a Group Display:

Create a visual impact by grouping several coloured glass vases together. Add even more interest by choosing various sizes and shapes together. As a tip, choose different colours for a bold statement or stick to a monochromatic colour scheme for a more minimalist look.

Focal point in the dining room:

Coloured glass vases make excellent centrepieces for dining tables. When gathering with your loved ones around a meal, coloured glasses can create a bold statement on your table. Fill the vase with water and add floating candles or flower petals for an elegant and colourful display.

Candle holders:

Coloured glass vases can be used as candle holders by placing a small tea light or votive candle inside. The coloured glass will create a beautiful glow that can add warmth and ambiance to any room.

Seasonal decorations:

Change up your decor with the seasons by filling coloured glass vases with seasonal items. For example, you can fill a red vase with pinecones and greenery for a festive holiday display, or use a pastel-coloured vase to hold spring flowers.

Choose from a beautiful selection of coloured glassware now available from CASA LV. They are creators of bespoke, hand-blown glass objet and they stock the most exquisite range of clear and coloured glass vases.

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