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3 Ways To Get A Beach House Look with Atmosphere Furniture

Summer holidays are just around the corner. However, if you’re planning to stay at home this festive season, then perhaps it’s time to reenvision your space and give it that beach vibe to put you in the holiday mood! If this sounds good to you, then read on. We bring you three useful tips to get that beach look in your own home, with the latest finds from Atmosphere Furniture.

Coastal Designs

Achieving a beachside holiday retreat in your own home will come right down to the simplest of details such as the materials you incorporate into your design. Natural and coastal materials are a must. Textures like rattan and wood are some of the top choices here. However, you can get creative with a mix of other coastal materials too. Seashells, driftwood, seagrass, and other natural materials allow you to create your own oasis. Top tip: Find that one statement piece that adds texture and dimension to your room and ties into a coastal look. This is a great way to achieve the look without overwhelming your entire space. You can also build the rest of your design around this one anchoring piece!

Mediterranean-Inspired Spaces

We love international locales like Greece, Italy, and Spain that evoke all those Mediterranean vibes! So why not bring the look home! You want to create a certain warmth in your space but still, embrace outdoor-indoor living. Our suggestion is to choose key furniture items that will anchor the room in true Med style. A signature wood bed or statement chair can elevate your space and set the tone for this trend. Incorporate light, sunbaked colours to enhance your scheme. These colourways should be inspired by frescoes and Mediterranean terrains, such as rust, yellow, light blue and lavender. Plastered surfaces and tiled floors will work wonderfully with this refreshing look! If you don’t have arches or exposed beams in your living space, consider mimicking them with paint or open bookshelves.

Island Style

Take us to the tropics! Yes please…. we absolutely love spaces inspired by island living. Think tons of natural lighting, breezy interiors and a connection to the outdoors. Island-inspired decor is typically a lot more bohemian in nature. It may weave in design elements such as crisp white shiplap walls, soft window treatments, and sisal for some vibrancy. Large luscious rattan chairs are a must. A natural area rug may also serve as a focal point for common areas. Top tip: mix it up with warm and light colours that evoke beachside living that is laid-back!

Summer is a great time to get creative indoors and create a fresh new look with your interiors. If you want to add some beachside splendour to your home in a stylish way, visit Atmosphere Furniture for our top picks (featured above) to help you get the look!

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