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LIM Storage Ideas

The adage goes “A place for everything and everything in its place”. It’s a smart mantra to live and decorate by and will ensure a home is not only neat but user-friendly, allowing everyone to easily store items and quickly and easily find what they are looking for. Ultimately, it will also contribute to the aesthetic appeal of a room.

However, finding the perfect spot for everything may often be easier said than done – especially as storage solutions are usually the last thing one thinks about when decorating.

But storage solutions need not be boring – and include a wide range of items apart from plastic containers and hooks! Here, we share our selection of cool and contemporary pieces by LIM – perfect for adding order and aesthetic appeal to any home.

Storage Towel Rail.
Keep towels and bath mats off the floor (it looks neater and dry quicker!) with this minimalist design. The black epoxy-coated galvanised mild steel tray top sits on a square tube frame with horizontal bars perfect for holding towels and more.

Black Epoxy Steel Clothing Rail.
Too little cupboard space? No problem. The black epoxy-coated rail is made of square tube mild steel and is available in two sizes.

Black Epoxy Steel Robot Coat Stand.
Coats, scarves, bags, hats and more – all can find a stylish home on this contemporary design in black epoxy-coated mild steel.

Black Epoxy Steel Multi Disc Wall Hanging Coat Hook.
Short on floor space but in need of storage? Then opt for the wall-mounted design to hold all your essentials like bags, scarves and hats. The hook is made of epoxy-coated mild steel.

Black Epoxy Steel Umbrella Stand.
The perfect addition to a home decor scheme during winter, the umbrella stand offers a neat spot to store wet umbrellas, keeping the rest of the home drip-free. Made from epoxy-coated galvanised mild steel.

Curved Black Steel Log Holder.
Constructed from black epoxy-coated galvanised mild steel, the stylish curved log holder is another great addition to homes during the cooler months when cosy fires mean logs for a fire and logs for a fire need a place to be stored neatly. Even if you’re not going to build a fire, it’s a beautiful piece that can also hold driftwood or other items you’d like to display neatly.

LIM is a Cape Town-based furniture and decor store known – and loved – for its sharp aesthetic and local flair. This includes a wide range of clean-lined furniture such as storage and shelving, tables, drinks trolleys, and decorative accessories, including lamps and beautiful linen.
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