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Jedanna’s Exploration in Resin

With the feeling of cooler breezes after the intense heat of summer, we can expect the oncoming fall.  It’s a season of transition and change – in bold autumnal colours. Jedanna’s Dezines is all about embracing this new season…

 This month has been resin month for the artist.  She explains: “I made this gorgeous base for my pewter pot and faux flowers.  I mixed aluminum with bronze to start with, and then some red from the flowers.  This requires the ability to pour one colour, then let it go a tiny bit tacky, then add another different colour.  It gives you a sense of control, of getting it right.  No resin will mix once entirely tacky.  But this is halfway to complete curing of each colour, and mixing them to some degree.  After years of working with resin, you get the “feel” of when resin is getting tacky.”

The red leaves and golden spectacle of autumn or fall is the most beautiful time in our seasonal year.  So Jedanna’s Dezines turned 90 degrees to do just that.  The start was silver, as that’s neutral in the ever-changing seasons of time.  The artist then decided to make a round cheese platter, with bowls to hold crackers and olives.  It’s a slow, time-consuming process, however the colours are so uplifting.  It isn’t possible to get this degree of colouring if the colours were simply poured together.

“Welcome to my world, my fall world, where red and gold leaves float spectacularly down, they seem to have wings, as soft as feathers, and finally land, like a jigsaw puzzle, perfectly in place. My delightful cooling hours.”

Next up is a tray made of many colours, like a coat of many colours. It striates with each colour, to get that mix of many colours crossing the colour line.  Slowly does it.  If you pour two colours next to one another like red and green, and they mix, you will get mud.  This is why it is a slow process, mixing colors of red and green with copper and gold in between, and never letting the red and green touch, at least for a couple of hours.
Once dried, a clear glass resin is poured to finish it off, and handles are then attached. The black handles, and indigenous peoples’ dress code, make us aware of the heat of summer and the icy cold of winter.  Black ice and cold winds bite into our gardens as they die off. The black Africology candle lights its way through our shorter days and longer nights

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