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Bring Innovation Home With 5 New Products From Animi Causa

Anima Causa is your one-stop shop for unique and modern products designed for various purposes, from spicing up your room to turning your home and office into something more. Animi Causa also offers a plethora of unique gift ideas for all types of occasions. Here we share five playful innovations we love!

Egguins – Cook, Store & Serve Egg Holder

How cute is this stylish egg holder! Boil, serve and store eggs in the coolest way!
This small colony of penguins will hold up to 6 eggs together in the Arctic winter of your fridge or in the hot springs of your pot. The handle will always stay cool for pulling out safely from the boiling water and comfortable carrying to the table or fridge.

La Fontana – Jewelry & Valet Tray

You can throw a penny in the fountain and make a wish, but if you wish to be tidier – then throw your keys, change or even jewelry in it, and your wish may just come true!

Clipic – Picture Clip Frame

Framing your photos has never been easier! Choosing just one good photo can be hard, so simply clip in two, one on each side. When you want to change it, you can do it in a flash with a fast clip!

Curly Cat – Vegetable Curler

Cucumbers and zucchinis don’t stand a chance, Curly Cat is on the prowl! Twist one through Curly Cat’s blades and watch the magic happen! You’ll be left with perfect veggie curls to decorate your plate or garnish your favourite drink.

Leaflow – Pot Watering Funnel

Don’t worry about drips and splashes all over the balcony ever again. This hidden funnel may look like a leaf, but it does the trick: just pour water on it, and it will flow directly into the plant’s thirsty roots, without waste or mess. Stick it in the pot’s soil, and it will always be there, ready to use.

Find these and a variety of other products at Animi Causa.



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