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Create your perfect Autumn space! Decor tips for Autumn transition

Transitioning from Autumn to Winter is an exciting time! I don’t know if it’s the warm clothes and the sensation of the different clothing textures, or the snug, inviting and nostalgic kitchen smells that we crave. What I do know is that I am happy to oblige in Mother Nature’s “come home” signals.

 This is the perfect time to create your Winter space. A warm and homely space in preparation for winter, where you could relax and unwind after a long day. How do we create warmth? How do we recreate that nostalgic home-like essence that we once felt as a child? Let me share a few of my favourite tips and design tricks!

Rich colour palette and Wood elements

Consider using brown, orange, and dark red tones as the main colours with natural earthy textures. Cushions, pillows, and decor pieces can add a pop of colour to your space and help it look more sophisticated. Incorporating pops of colour and a main standout piece as a focal point in a room will also help for future seasonal transitions. Try the NancyDesign Ceramic Elephant Head with wooden Tusks at R3,199.00

Jute and Rattan features

Jute and Rattan decorations are a must for Autumn! They bring warmth and all the natural elements that keep our space warm and cosy. There are rattan stools, jute rugs, rattan lamps, and more. Why not try the NancyDesign rattan lantern with a glass cylinder at R1,368.50.

Checkered interior

The chess checkered trend gets its inspiration from chess games, and the feeling of joy when playing and finding fellowship with your loved ones. This can be done with throws, pillowcases, rugs, etc. We created this recently at the Zwingli Farmhouse, we kept the nostalgia of an old farmhouse but gave it a modern touch. Neutral colours were our preference, along with touches of wood, stone, and African décor influences.


Touch-me textures such as felt, matt velvet, and natural linen are a luxury for the senses and create the comforting feeling that we all crave in the colder months. Our Zebra Hide (sourced Grade AA-BB) at R8,400.00 will work for any room.

Whether you choose to jump on the trends or not, we are convinced that your home will be a little warmer and cosy this Autumn with our unique product range.

 Make sure to visit Nancy Designs online store at www.nancydesigns.co.za and check out all our fantastic quality products and services.


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