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Couture Furniture: Why Custom-Made Furniture is Best

The true beauty of custom-made furniture lies in the quality of materials used. At Couture Furniture, products are imported from all over the world to give you the best quality and style with a hint of couture.

The aim is to create a product that will satisfy customer needs not halfway but completely. At Couture Furniture, wood is sourced and hand-picked taking into consideration strength and quality. They predominantly manufacture with Oak, Ash and Blackwood. Couture Furniture also manufactures using other types of wood to meet your specific needs.

Furthermore, they can finish off your wood with various stains like solid colours or oil based mono-coats. If you have any custom finishes, they are more than willing and able to accommodate you.

More about the design department

The design department at Couture Furniture offers a professional, yet personal service that delivers design excellence. Couture Furniture believes in creating a personal bond by working closely with our clients to make sure products suits their exact needs. Whether it is an online consultation or Site Visit, they can help you with decor and design advice if that is your need. This can range from furniture design, decor advice, floor plan layouts, wall colour advice, bathrooms design etc.

Do you have a room that has a space or layout issue? The team can advise or design your furniture to make it fit into a space that may not have the standard measurements. The online shop makes it quick and convenient to shop online when you don’t have the time to go and get retail therapy. Need a custom-built item, and live far away, they can still help you online and after hours, no need to shop around. Couture Furniture will build and design the exact product you require, via email and technical

“Decor is our passion, and we love making everything beautiful.” This includes upholstery and curtaining, lighting and all small decor items. Whether you have a big or small home the interior can increase the value of your property tremendously. And this does not mean you have to break the bank, a few small smart changes might make a big difference.

“With our expert advice we can turn your home into a masterpiece. Whether it is design, decor or custom furniture.”

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