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CLM HOME: Decorating Tips For Small Spaces

No matter the size of your home, you can still create a stylish and welcoming space. Here we share some great space-saving advice with a few nifty furniture items from CLM Home.

When you’re planning the layout and design of a smaller room, there are a few considerations you have to make, including:

  • Function – if a piece can double up in terms of functionality, then this could be a big winner in a smaller room. For example, a bench that can double as storage; or when a cot converts into a bed.
  • Proportions – in a smaller room, proportions are everything! Smaller pieces are often ideal and will help you maximise space and flow in a room.
  • Longevity – in smaller rooms, furniture may experience more wear and tear. Choose pieces that will stand up well and maintain quality, even as the seasons shift.

Colour Palettes For Smaller Spaces

Colour can impact the feel of a room and add to the illusion of a bigger space. Keep things sleek and neutral to maximise your choice of finishes and colours. Lighter tones often reflect light and can help to make your room feel bigger and more spacious. We love contemporary neutrals of beige, grey and woody tones. Bring these tones into your choice of finishes for a truly sleek and contemporary feel.

Choose Furniture Wisely

In a smaller home, you can’t afford to create clutter and fill every space with unnecessary or even bulky furniture pieces. Choose your pieces wisely and if you’re not sure about the fit, measure your room in advance. A large cabinet may seem like a good idea for storage, in theory, but in a smaller room, it may be an obstacle that is difficult to get around and could end up making your space feel more closed in.


Whether you’re looking for functional furniture for your bedroom, kids’ room or even the living room, CLM Home offers a wide selection of furniture ranges to suit your style. Browse their ranges for a home filled with style and comfort.



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