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Brabantia: A Waste Bin For Every Occasion

These days, there are so many bins to choose from to suit your lifestyle. Big bins, small bins, coloured bins, freestanding bins, double inner bins…the choice is endless.

Gone are the days of unsightly plastic rubbish bins with flip tops splattered with food and tea-bag drips. Today’s bins are STYLISH! They’re a décor item that will enhance your kitchen. You certainly won’t want to hide these beauties in a cupboard.

Let’s take a look at how the modern rubbish bin can complement your lifestyle…


You’d never guess there were so many bin styles out there. What about a freestanding bin on legs you can move around when the fancy takes you? Or a tall, thin, cylindrical bin in a corner? Or, if you don’t generate much rubbish, a counter-top rubbish bin can sit happily next to the sink or cooking area. And wall-mounted bins are a great space saver.


There’s a bin to suit your kitchen in every colour of the rainbow. Make a statement with bright passion red or daisy yellow or go for a subtler platinum or concrete grey. And stainless steel bins have always been popular and still are, with their matte or shiny finish to match your kitchen electronics.


Choose from soft closing pedal bins, Touch Bins and bins that won’t show fingerprints. And in terms of size, there’s a bin for every need. You’ll find single compartment bins for everyday household rubbish, and double compartment versions which are great for recycling. Why not have two double bins to make waste separation even easier?


From 5 litre to 60 litre bins and everything in between, there’s a bin for every lifestyle. Little bins suit smaller kitchens while large ones are great for big families or people who don’t like to take the rubbish out too often.

With rubbish disposal being so important these days for sustainability it’s all about convenience linked with style. With the right bin there’ll be no more mess, jars on the counter or cartons building up in your kitchen or utility room. Organise your rubbish!

Find the right bin that is both stylish and functional. Choose from the range available at Brabantia.

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