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Boredom Busters – Creative Craft Ideas for Kids Using Leftover Brick.

For most of us, time spent at home is the new ‘normal,’ and we’re rapidly losing count of what lockdown day we’re on. If you’ve read all the books on your bucket list, binge-watched your favourite shows, and are tired of all the baking, then you’ll love these boredom buster ideas that will keep you and your kids occupied for hours.  


We’ve put together three favourite creative craft ideas using leftover brick. If you don’t have leftover brick lying around at home, you can purchase new face bricks from your nearest Corobrik centre in an array of different colours and finishes as soon as the lockdown restrictions have lifted.  


If you have younger kids in the house, why not ask them to brighten up your garden by painting individual bricks and using them to create a colourful border for your flowerbeds? (See our previous feature on Face Brick Flower Beds for more details on how to create these.)


You could also paint labels on bricks or disperse the colourful painted bricks around your veggie patch to demarcate different vegetable varieties.



If you have boys who are mad about cars and construction vehicles, use leftover brick to create a Formula1 racetrack outside. Use chalk (or paint if you want a material that is more weatherproof) to draw road lines down the centre of each brick, and then connect the bricks to make a mini highway. If you don’t have enough leftover brick and need to purchase new brick, you can spend time exploring the wide variety of Corobrik’s face brick range online. Titanium, Cape Stormberg, and The Black Brick are all great options for colours if you’re wanting something that will closely represent a tar road surface.

For a super simple and effective feature – use a leftover brick to create a miniature pot plant holder for rock roses and succulents. You can scatter these on various surfaces in your backyard, or use them as rustic table décor or party favours at your next function you are sure to host once the lockdown is over. Your guests will be thrilled with this novel, alternative use for leftover face brick.

Have you got any creative ideas that utilise leftover face brick in your home? Let us know in the comments section below.







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