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Behind the Scenes with Jenny Robert Exclusive Decor

Transforming your house into a personalised haven has never been easier, thanks to Jenny Robert Exclusive Decor, a visionary brand that offers an exquisite array of homeware and furnishings to help you curate the perfect ambience for your home. Today we speak with Jenny Ralph about the inspiration behind her collections and how the brand continues to stay ahead of the design curve.

What inspires you most?

I combine my inspiration from various sources while also maintaining a keen eye for quality, market trends, colour palettes, décor accessories and of course my target customer’s preferences. This balance allows me to curate a selection of decor items that is both inspiring and commercially successful. Just as it’s important to keep in line with market trends it is equally important to infuse my own personal style and vision into my decor store. This will help create a unique and memorable shopping experience for customers.

What key characteristics do you consider when putting together a collection for Jenny Robert Exclusive Decor, which seems to come together effortlessly with pizzazz and confidence?

Our Jenny Robert luxury collection draws upon several key factors to create a collection with pizzazz and confidence. This includes:

1. Brand Identity and Vision: A strong brand identity and vision are so important for high-end, luxury furniture and décor brands providing a clear direction and purpose.
2. Innovative Design and Creativity
3. Attention to Trends and Market Demand
4. Quality of the product.
5. Exceptional Customer Experience is key. Many bigger companies forget that this is always so important. By focussing on customer satisfaction, the brand can build trust and loyalty, further enhancing the pizzazz and confidence of its collection.

What objects, in your expert opinion, leave a lasting impact on the home?

High-end décor objects like large scale-art pieces, bronzes or magnificent objets are always a must in a home. When selected carefully, they will be timeless pieces. I do have a love for beautiful antiques. The key to creating a lasting impact with décor pieces is to choose items that resonate with your personal style, evoke emotion, and create a sense of visual interest and coherence within a space.

Which interior designers have influenced your interior style?

In South Africa, we are so privileged to have so many talented Interior Designers who have made significant contributions to the industry.
– Sumari Krige. Her style combines classic and contemporary elements, often incorporating natural materials and textures.
– Nthabi Taukobong. I love her style of effortlessly fusing vibrant African aesthetics with classic, modern detailing.
– Sue Bond. I have absolutely adored and followed her for years. Her style can probably best be described as classic with layered living spaces filled with art.
– Lisa Walter’s magnificent aesthetic blend of elegance and ease, sophistication and warmth.

International favourite international Interior Designer has to be Shea McGee

My own personal taste in décor and styling can be best described as a fusion of the unique styles of these various talented interior decorators and designers.

What is your personal style preference?

Classic Modern with a hint of African Chic

What have been your career highlights?

My career has been filled with business expansion and diversification, as well as growing product lines. Working alongside some of SA’s most talented people in the Décor, Design and Art Industry, and working with the most incredible clients. I’ve had the privilege of interaction with lodges, restaurants and hotels I adore and networking with likeminded people in the industry.

What do you define as ultimate luxury?

Hiring the expertise of an Interior Designer or at least an Interior Decorator as well as using quality items.

Tell us more about the latest interiors project that you have recently completed.

In December 2022, my family and I relocated from JHB to the WC. As we embark on the construction of our permanent family home, I am excited to collaborate with Roberto Boni Architects and Jo Pieterse Design Studio on an exciting project. This will focus on renovating our forever home in Plettenberg Bay, which will entail demolishing a significant portion of the existing structure. The new design will showcase breathtaking views of the ocean and the awe-inspiring Tsitikama mountain range. Furthermore, I am delighted about the addition of a magnificent new studio for Jenny Robert Exclusive Décor, a highly anticipated feature for quite some time.

5 Quick Questions with Jenny Roberts Exclusive

My favourite thing to buy for my home is… Quality décor accessories and linen

The easiest effective design technique is… Layering

One thing I never do in an interior is… Clutter.

Decorating Mistakes are… buying cheap finishes or accessories, not measuring properly when buying furniture, using dark furniture in small spaces, and hanging art at the wrong level. Never compromise on quality!

Your design Motto? Design is in the details

Jenny Robert Exclusive Décor is about expressing oneself in a passionate, warm and unique way. It is for anyone determined to create a special space surrounded by all things beautiful.

For more visit Jenny Robert Exclusive Decor and take a look at the collections on offer.

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