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Begin with the End in Mind Interiors: Gorgeous scatter cushions.

With a focus on quality and service, Begin with the End in Mind Interiors offers clients complete design freedom and creative flexibility, from custom designs to unique accessories.

Today, the team shares how to decorate with their collection of gorgeous scatter cushions.

Identify your colour palette

Before you can start shopping for scatters, you have to decide on a colour scheme. 

Look at the colours of finishes, furniture and accessories in your room and identify two or three dominant colours – these colours should guide you when selecting scatter cushions.

Identify your interior style

Next, identify your decor style. The style of your room may dictate whether solid or patterned scatter cushions will work best and how many you should add – even numbers work best in classic settings, while more quirky designs benefit from odd numbers.

Your style will also play a huge part in deciding what patterns and prints to go for: romantic botanical prints for a laid-back setting, classic stripes for a traditional space or graphic patterns for a more contemporary set-up.

Combine different shapes and sizes

To keep things interesting, choose scatter cushions in varying sizes and shapes. This creates a cosy, welcoming effect while adding visual interest.

Use different textures

Another way to add visual interest with small accessories is by opting for scatter cushions with different textures. Think linen, knitted materials, velvet and faux fur.

Change your scatter cushions every season

Accessories such as scatter cushions are a great way to quickly and affordably transform a room. By swopping out scatter cushions (or covers) for winter and summer, you can easily freshen up a space with minimum effort.

Light, bright and patterned fabrics are a great option for warmer months while chunkier fabrics and earthier tones are ideal for wintertime.


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  1. Transeptia

    January 11, 2023

    its really great, . I’ve been struggling to think of many questions to ask regarding Interior. This article supports me alot to solve that, Thanks!


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