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Atmosphere Furniture: When Concrete and Wood Blend Together

Any professional designer will tell you that the true beauty of interiors is a merging of all the materials into one beautiful and functional space. Today we explore two exciting yet timeless materials – wood and concrete – and how these blend together within contemporary settings.



Wood is a timeless resource that has been used in homes since the beginning of time. Organic, natural, warm, and rich in texture. Wood is an ode to the outdoor world and a way for humanity to connect with nature in a meaningful way. We have also seen the application of wood in various spaces – from walls and floors to ceilings and work surfaces. We love the presence of wood in homes – whether a solid wood table that commands attention or a bold light fitting with a carefully crafted wooden accent.


In contrast to the richness of wood, concrete brings with it a raw, urban and edgy demeanour. It comes with a cooling and calm presence and when paired with other textures can offer a contemporary and even industrial ambience to a room. A versatile material, concrete brings renewed life to a design – from the flooring to the countertops, decor and more.

So, what happens when we blend the two?

An exciting explosion of texture and aesthetics take place when we bring both wood and concrete into one space. It’s a magical blend that combines rich and earthy tones with a cooler, urban aesthetic. A perfect partnership with contemporary living.

Achieve the look with carefully curated pieces that embrace more than one material. Decor that blends both wood and concrete can become a feature in a living room or bedroom. Alternatively, add a variety of furniture items in your space in multiple textures and materials. Bring both wood and concrete into your space for that designer feel and wow factor to set your home apart.

If you’re looking for the perfect pieces that ooze sophisticated living, visit Atmosphere Furniture. This is your one-stop shop for buying the latest and premium quality contemporary, eclectic, and even outdoor furniture and decor.

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